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This table is to log first sighting dates, with a comparison to early records in 2006 - 2011, and a note of the expected flight period.  The list is by no means exhaustive, but the species were originally chosen by virtue of the fact that in 2007 there were some notable early emergences.  Any species found earlier than the usual flight period should be reported as well as the common species.  The table is sorted in earliest date sort order, with this years earliest sightings at the top. 

Any new early records are welcomed for this year, and also for previous years.  The data for 2006 in particular is likely to be incomplete -  Last updated 14 Aug 2012.

Some of the species that overwinter as adults may just be late autumn moths, or early Spring emergers, i.e. Angle Shades and Red-green Carpet.
 B&F    Species   2012 Location 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 Usual first flight period (Waring & Townsend)
2190 Hebrew Character  29-Oct Studland 08-Feb 27-Feb 17-Feb 27-Jan 17-Feb 19-Mar March - early May
2187 Common Quaker 22-Dec Tincleton 08-Feb 12-Mar 22-Feb 07-Nov 16-Feb   March-April
2306 Angle Shades  07-Jan Puncknowle 07-Apr 28-Mar 22-Apr 14-Mar 18-Feb 23-Apr May - October
1760 Red-green Carpet  08-Jan East Lulworth 17-Jan 28-Mar 22-Apr 07-May 01-Feb 06-May Overwinters as adult, re-emerges Mar - May
1862 Double-striped Pug  17-Jan East Lulworth 22-Feb 17-Mar 13-Mar 20-Jan 31-Jan 12-Apr Late March - May
2236 Pale Pinion  21-Jan Chickerell 15-Mar 16-Feb 14-Mar 25-Mar 20-Feb 14-Apr Overwinters as adult, re-emerges Mar - May
2182 Small Quaker 23-Jan Tolpuddle 20-Feb 16-Mar 12-Mar 10-Feb 08-Mar   March-April
2087 Turnip Moth  24-Jan Rodwell, Weymouth 04-Apr 29-May 14-May 08-May 27-Mar 25-Apr May - June, earlier are usually migrants
2188 Clouded Drab  16-Feb East Lulworth 11-Mar 05-Apr 27-Feb 22-Feb 23-Feb 01-Apr Early March - May, sometimes earlier
1930 Oak Beauty 16-Feb various sites 08-Feb 27-Feb 24-Feb 23-Jan 11-Feb 24-Mar March-April
1917 Early Thorn 20-Feb East Lulworth 12-Mar 17-Mar 01-Mar 23-Feb 01-Feb 02-Apr April - May
2179 Pine Beauty  28-Feb Tincleton 25-Feb 17-Mar 31-Mar 03-Apr 16-Feb 13-Apr March - May
2186 Powdered Quaker  20-Mar Tolpuddle 27-Mar 28-Mar 25-Mar 03-May 22-Mar 20-Apr April - May
1769 Spruce Carpet  20-Mar East Lulworth 10-Apr 15-May 11-Jun 21-Apr 15-Mar 07-Jun May - July
2185 Lead-coloured Drab 20-Mar Kings Wood, Verwood 20-Mar   22-Mar 01-Mar   13-Apr Early April
2063 Muslin Moth 27-Mar Preston 15-Mar 10-Apr 31-Mar 10-Apr 28-Mar 27-Apr May - early June
1858 V-Pug  27-Mar Preston 04-Apr 01-May 17-Apr 05-May 14-Apr 28-Apr May - June
2005 Great Prominent  27-Mar East Lulworth 08-Apr 19-Apr 09-Apr 27-Apr 13-Apr 27-Apr Late April - June
2425 Nut-tree Tussock  28-Mar Alderholt 01-Apr 22-Apr 31-Mar 21-Apr 01-Apr 29-Apr Late April - June
1881 Early Tooth-striped 29-Mar Alderholt 15-Feb 08-Apr 30-Mar 27-Feb 15-Mar 16-Apr April - May
2235 Tawny Pinion  07-Apr Broadwey 17-Mar 27-Mar 30-Mar 16-Mar 01-Feb 13-Apr Overwinters as adult, re-emerges Mar - May
2389 Pale Mottled Willow 07-Apr Puncknowle 04-Jun 25-May 22-Apr 25-Apr 13-Apr 15-May Mainly May-July, August-October
2028 Pale Tussock 07-Apr Broadwey 27-Mar           May - June
2007 Swallow Prominent  08-Apr Tincleton 08-Apr 05-May 17-Apr 26-Apr 09-Apr 29-Apr Late April - June
2011 Pale Prominent  13-Apr Gillingham 10-Apr 28-Apr 09-Apr 03-May 12-Apr 13-May May - June
1906 Brimstone Moth 20-Apr Ryewater 15-Mar 27-Apr 02-Apr 22-Apr 11-Apr 14-Apr April - October
2160 Bright-line Brown-eye  20-Apr Rodwell 08-Apr 28-Apr 17-Apr 05-May 12-Apr 09-May May - late July
2006 Les. Swallow Prominent 23-Apr Tincleton 21-Apr 23-Apr 17-Apr 24-Apr 12-Apr 29-Apr May - June, August
2102 Flame Shoulder 26-Apr Puddletown 14-Apr 24-Apr 13-Apr 02-Apr 12-Apr 30-Apr May / June and August / September
2003 Pebble Prominent  27-Apr Plumber 08-Apr 05-May 18-Apr 27-Apr 01-Apr 21-Apr May - June
2000 Iron Prominent  27-Apr Tincleton 07-Apr 17-May 23-Apr 05-May 14-Apr   May - June
2060 White Ermine  27-Apr Puddletown 19-Apr 15-May 06-May 07-May 16-Apr 30-Apr Mid May - late July
2015 Lunar Marbled Brown 30-Apr Alderholt 27-Mar           April - May
2107 Large Y. Underwing 03-May Rodwell 02-Apr 31-May 04-May 08-May 06-May 07-May June - October
1771a Cypress Carpet  07-May Broadwey 14-Jun 02-Jun 12-May 29-May 13-Apr 04-Jun Late June - July
2089 Heart and Dart  07-May Chickerell 22-Apr 17-May 07-May 05-May 14-Apr 11-May Mid May - late August
1994 Buff-tip  07-May Broadwey 24-Apr 05-May 10-May   15-Apr 02-Jun Late May - July
2450 Spectacle  12-May Puncknowle 07-Apr 28-Apr 17-Apr 26-Apr 08-Apr 13-Apr Late May- mid July
1834 Common Pug  16-May Rodwell 17-Apr 15-May 14-May 16-May 18-Apr 27-May May - June
2173 Lychnis  16-May Chickerell 04-May 27-May 21-May 15-Jun 18-Apr 01-Jun Late May - July
1937 Willow Beauty  18-May Chickerell 21-May 25-May 28-May 13-May 22-Apr 26-May Early June - August
2326 Clouded-bordered Brindle 18-May Beaminster 25-Apr 18-May 15-May       June - July, sometimes earlier
2291 Coronet  19-May Broadwey 02-Jun 28-Jun 12-Jun   04-May 16-Jun June - July
2043 Orange Footman  19-May East Lulworth 20-Apr 20-May 10-May 07-May 22-Apr 13-May Late May - June
1861 Poplar Hawk-moth 19-May Ridge 21-Apr 06-May 29-Apr 07-May 24-Apr 12-May May-July, or early September in south.
1680 Maiden's Blush  21-May East Lulworth 22-Apr 05-May 02-May 26-Apr 13-Apr 06-May Early May to early July
1920 Scalloped Hazel  21-May Alderholt 24-Apr 04-May 06-May 10-May 17-Apr   May - June
1890 Sharp-angled Peacock 21-May Shaggs 24-Apr           May - June
1677 Birch Mocha  23-May Wareham 08-Apr 08-May 05-May 15-May 16-Apr 07-May Early May - late June
2339 Tawny Marbled Minor  23-May Puddletown 25-May 10-Jul 14-Jun   22-Apr   Late May - late July
2434 Burnished Brass  23-May Tolpuddle 10-May 03-Jun 12-May   08-May   June - July
1832 Currant Pug  24-May Kings Wood 21-Apr 21-May 20-Apr 04-May 14-Apr 20-May May - June
1835 White-spotted Pug  24-May Briantspuddle 21-Jul 19-May 10-May   15-Apr 27-May May - June
1752 Purple Bar  24-May Ridge 11-May 24-May 11-May 11-May 18-Apr 08-Jun May - early July
2058 Cream-spot Tiger  24-May Portland 12-May 03-Jun 22-May 08-May 04-May 01-Jun Late May - early July
1689 Mullein Wave  24-May Durlston 09-May 21-May 24-Jun 08-May 05-May 27-May June - July
2439 Gold Spot  24-May Tolpuddle 09-May 30-May 10-May   08-May   June - July
2098 Flame 24-May Tolpuddle 10-May 04-Jun 24-May 12-May 08-May   June - July
2202 L-album Wainscot  25-May Chickerell 02-Jun 29-Jun 19-Jun 31-May 12-Jun 16-Jun July and mid Sep to late Oct/Nov
2305 Small Angle Shades  26-May Puncknowle 17-May 01-Jun 31-May   16-May 02-Jun June - July
1976 Privet Hawk-moth  27-May Chickerell 06-May 26-May 24-May 21-May 07-May 28-May June - July
1955 Common White Wave  28-May Tolpuddle 23-Apr   10-May   15-Apr   May - June
2199 Common Wainscot  28-May Chickerell 04-May 24-May 20-May 19-Jun 07-May   June - July
1802 Rivulet  29-May Tincleton 25-May 20-Jun 05-Jun 11-May 24-Apr 31-May Late May - mid July
1640 Drinker  30-May Broadwey 25-Jun 26-Jun 05-Jun   03-Jun 23-Jun July-August
1999 Lobster Moth  31-May Beaminster 20-Apr 09-May 14-May 23-May 12-Apr 07-Jun Mid May - July
1817 Foxglove Pug  31-May Southover Heath 08-May 25-May 22-May   12-Apr 28-May May - June
2154 Cabbage Moth 02-Jun Chickerell 26-May 03-Jul 15-Mar 14-May 16-Apr 12-May May - October
1889 Peacock Moth  02-Jun Durlston       22-May 15-Apr   Late May - early July
2449 Dark Spectacle  15-Jun Burton 15-May 19-May 20-Apr 23-May 08-May 01-Jun June - July
2216 Shark  20-Jun Affpuddle/Beaminster 04-Jun 04-Jun 19-Jun 23-May 16-May 01-Jul Late June - August
2057 Garden Tiger 21-Jun Affpuddle 25-Jun 20-Jun 14-Jun 11-Jun 07-Jul   July-August
2110 B-b. Yellow Underwing  28-Jun Winterborne Stickland 30-Jun 01-Jul   07-Jul 05-Jun 18-Jul July-September
2050 Common Footman 04-Jul Durlston 19-Jun 28-Jun 12-Jun 17-Jun 01-Jun 29-Jun July-August
2343/a Common Rustic agg.  04-Jul Wyke Regis 25-Jun 04-Jul 12-Jun 16-Jul 03-Jun 25-Jul July-August
2076 Kent Black Arches  05-Jul Broadway 15-Jun 30-Jun 16-Jun 02-Jul 08-Jun 29-Jun late June-early August
2047 Scarce Footman  05-Jul Wyke Regis 22-Jun 28-Jun 22-Jun 14-Jul 18-Jun 01-Jul July-August
2044 Dingy Footman 23-Jul Tincleton 09-Jul 28-Jun 26-Jun 14-Jul 02-Jun 29-Jun July-August
2361 Rosy Rustic  06-Aug Winterborne Stickland 23-Jul 10-Jul 13-Jul 08-Aug 28-Jun 05-Aug August - October, occasionally late July to Nov.
2225 Minor Shoulder-knot  12-Aug Winterborne Stickland   01-Jul   24-Jun 19-Jun 12-Jul July-August
1871 Grey Birch      21-Apr 25-May 28-May   23-Apr   Late May - early July
2014 Marbled Brown      09-May 31-May 22-May 12-May 24-Apr 20-May Late May - early July
2090 Crescent Dart      23-Jul   22-Jul 14-Jul 04-Jun   July-August


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