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Identification/photo sites                                                                                Mothing equipment

Recording schemes

  • Moth Count             NMRS - The National Moth recording scheme

  • Garden Moths         The GMS has been recording moths since 2003, and has now expanded to a national scheme

  • National Moth Night The site for the annual recording event

Other useful sites

  • Atropos                   Magazine and website - mainly moths, butterflies and dragonflies.  Also supplies books.

  • Apollo Books           Publisher specialising in entomological books

  • Local weather          Will it rain?  Use the link then save as a favourite, with your own local postcode.

  • Mapmate                 A useful recording and mapping program.

  • Migrant moths          A site detailing recent migrant moth sightings.

  • Pemberley Books     Excellent bookshop specialising in natural history books, entomology in particular.

  • Saharan dust site     Useful to see if migrants are likely to be deposited with dust from the continent

Other County and area sites

Berkshire Moth Group   

Cornwall Moth Group 

New - Devon Moths

 Essex Moth Group  Hants Moths    Herts Moth Group  

Kent Moths

Lancashire Moths

Leicestershire and Rutland MG

Moths of Dungeness

Montgomeryshire Moth Group

Norfolk Moth Survey 

Northamptonshire Moth Group

Northumberland Moths

North Wales Lepidoptera

Staffordshire Moths Group

Somerset Moth Group

Sussex Moth Group

West Midlands Moth Group

Yorkshire Moths


Birds and moths of Burnham-on-Sea


Somerset Birder (includes moths)




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