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Newsletters were published up to two times a year to members; from 1994 to the last one early in 2010; and these are all now made available for download. 


Newsletter Published Contents
1 Feb-94 An introduction; information on datasets; and request on recorder issues. 
2 Dec-94 More datasets; a resume of records in 1994; and a list of organisation contacts
3 Feb-96 Status of macromoths species in Dorset (in appendices); more datasets; identification; 1995 recap; events in 1996; 
4 Feb-97 Status of macromoths species in Dorset (corrections); status of micromoths; datasets and DERC; 1996 recap; BC events in 1997; equipment; recording RDB species; and recording in under-reported areas.
5 Feb-98 Changes and additions to published lists of Status of macromoths and micromoths in Dorset; data capture; 1997 recap; public moth events in 1998; the late G W Otter collection; and recording in 1998. 
6 Mar-99 What's happened since 1993; update on status and data capture; 1998 recap; public moth events in 1998.
7 Mar-00 BC's 'Action for moths' project; the Speckled Footman project; 'Bitten by the bug'; 5-spotted Burnet moths in Dorset; 'Five spot' Burnet moths in Somerset and Dorset; 1999 Macromoth records; 1999 Micromoth records.
8 Mar-01 Moth recording events for 2001; 2000 Macromoth records; 2000 Micromoth records.
9 Mar-02 Moth recording events for 2002; 2001 Macromoth records; 2001 Micromoth records.
10 Mar-03 The way ahead; target moths for DMG and Dorset BC; moth recording in Dorset and data collation licences; Milborne Wood; a migrant pyrale in Dorset; Macrolepidoptera report 2002; 2002 Micromoth records; data collection licence.
11 Apr-04 One year on…; NMRS and NMN; Edmonsham and woodlands 2003; 2003 Macromoth records; Microlepidoptera report 2003; forthcoming events. 
12 Oct-04 Summary of moth survey work at Lydlinch common; news in brief including NMRS and 'Moths of Dorset'; active moth and butterfly conservation across Dorset in 2003; moth workshops.
13 Apr-05 The North Winterbournes project; Moth conservation at Broadcroft Quarry; NMRS; 2005 programme of events; Macrolepidoptera report 2004; Microlepidoptera report 2004.
14 Nov-05 Alners Gorse; moth workshops 2005; taking moths into schools; NMN; liveability success for the Winterborne valley; Moth Wars - Devon v Dorset; On the migration front.
15 Apr-06 Proposed closure of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Research Establishments; Spreading the Word (to schools); Butterfly and Moth Survey - Badbury Rings 2005; 2006 Programme of events; Macrolepidoptera report - 2005 season; Microlepidoptera report 2005; NMRS funding.
16 Oct-06 NMN; Alners Gorse - a new reserve proves itself; The Dorset Moth Group - its future; Village Moth and Butterfly festivals; The impact of the warming trend on moth species recorded in Dorset; Miscellany.
17 Apr-07 Newsletter distribution; Have your own moth night; What's going on with Lunar Underwing numbers?; NMN 2007; Macromoth summary for 2006; Surveys : Barberry Carpet and Chalk Carpet; Microlepidoptera report 2006.
18 Oct-07 The year so far; Small Eggar survey - Dorset 2007; some thoughts on this years early emergences; Durlston Country Park moth and butterfly study and survey 2006; Garden Moth Scheme, Moth trapping events 2008.
19 Apr-08 Close encounter of the 8-legged kind; Moth recording schemes; NMN and other events 2008; Dorset Macromoth report for 2007; A quick way to separate Heart and Club from Heart and Dart; Microlepidoptera report 2007.
20 Oct-08 My local patch - Kingston; GMS, DMG data submission form; Identification of Ingrailed Clay; the Season so far 2008; Status of Macromoth species in Dorset.
21 May-09 Macrolepidoptera Report - 2008 season; Dorset Dragonflies; Ringmoor NT near Turnworth Moth Survey 2008; Microlepidoptera Report 2008; DMG heads out of County.
22 Oct-09 2009 The Season so far; My patch - Gillingham; Pilsden Pen NT Moth Survey 2009; News roundup; The Future of the Dorset Moth Group.
23 Apr-10 Editorial on the Future of the Dorset Moth Group; Macrolepidoptera Report - 2009 season; Microlepidoptera Report 2009; a Bats dinner; NMN 2010.



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